About Us

 Acting as a Fiduciary, we place our Client’s best interests above everything else.

01. Strategic

Shira Ridge uses multiple investment strategies that are designed with an understanding of and respect for the ups and downs of financial markets to provide you with peace of mind.

02. Professional

Shira Ridge will honor our relationship and acts as a collaborative partner as we explore, define, and create a path to help you reach financial goals.

03. Fiduciary

Shira Ridge acts as a fiduciary under federal regulations, which means that our advice and recommendations are always done in the best interest of our clients.

Grow and protect your wealth

We Eliminate Financial Distraction

Understanding every aspect of personal finance can be daunting. From investments to retirement to insurance, the choices can be overwhelming, and the wrong decisions can lead even smart people astray.

This is where Shira Ridge comes in.

Our personal goal is to provide clients with guidance that helps them understand and better define their financial goals.

Engage us. We will work diligently to show practical results and earn your respect as a trusted advisor.

Our Brand

The Story Behind the Name

It Began with the Conquering of Mount Kilimanjaro

After months of preparation, and between overcoming the trepidation and physical exertion of the challenge, Laurie Nardone, founder of Shira Ridge Wealth Management, hiked up Mount Kilimanjaro, reaching the top on August 2, 2005. It was a trip that changed the course of her career.

Upon returning to her California home, Laurie reflected on her long term career path. She realized that much of the process used on her successful Kilimanjaro journey could be applied to successful wealth management. The company name originates from the Shira Ridge path her team took to the summit.

How the Kilimanjaro Journey Compares to Personal Wealth Building

The Right Gear for the Journey

The Kilimanjaro Journey

Before leaving base camp, experienced guides reviewed all gear before commencing to the summit. The probability of making it to the top would’ve been lower if the group lacked essential gear or if too much gear became a complication.

The Personal Financial Journey

Mapping out a route is necessary for financial success. Selecting the appropriate financial team, making the right financial investments at proper times, and setting realistic expectations are important.


Plan for an Uncertain Forecast

The Kilimanjaro Journey

Cold and wind were expected on the trek, but rain and snow were also a possibility. Experienced mountain guides knew the weather would be an unpredictable hazard, but their knowledge of the journey helped them advise hikers on the right gear for uncertain conditions.

The Personal Financial Journey

While every investor should readily expect ups and downs in the market, severe downturns are unpredictable and can be life-altering. Including defensive strategies in a portfolio may “weigh down” overall returns. By not preparing for worst-case forecasts, it’s possible that a black swan event in one’s life could make long-term goals unattainable.

Set a Pace To the Goal

The Kilimanjaro Journey

There are many routes to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. A five-day trip was appealing — it was less expensive and had fewer days spent in inclement weather. The success rate for reaching the top, however, had the odds of a coin-toss. A nine-day trip, on the other hand, had a near 100% success rate. By committing to spend a little more money, time, and energy, the journey was quite enjoyable and successful.

The Personal Financial Journey

There are many routes to take on a financial journey. Achieving one’s objectives requires commitment with resources such as time, money, and energy. Understanding objectives, “plotting” an acceptable path, and honoring commitments increases the probability of financial success.

Place Trust in Those with Experience

The Kilimanjaro Journey

Highly experienced guides led Laurie’s team to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. They had reached the summit more than 100 times. These individuals were experts in climbing, first aid, ornithology, and botany; and they navigated the course as if it were a backyard stroll. Although progress appeared slow each day, the pace was set to help the group stay on track. Their guidance, pacing, and experience allowed the group to successfully ascend to the summit.

The Personal Finacial Journey

It’s important to place trust in highly experienced advisors to act as your guide as you journey toward your financial goals. You want advisors that continuously seek ongoing education and are experienced in traveling financial paths. On your personal journey, Laurie and her team will have the patience and commitment to set the pace for your “summit,” helping you stay on course. And they will help you enjoy your time while you are on this journey.


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